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Bibelots Travel to Guatemala

Once again, bibelots are traveling the world! A group of Concordia University, Nebraska students traveled to Guatemala for a mission trip this summer. During their trip they held medical clinics, built stoves, visited schools and homes, and spent a lot of time with the local kids. Before leaving, the students made a bunch of bibelots to take with them and hand out to the people they would meet. The top picture shows the students with their newly created bibelots. The middle photo shows some Guatemalan girls with their own bibelots.

The bottom photo is a shot of a Guatemalan boy hugging one of the Concordia leaders. Apparently he had not had a good week, and was feeling miserable. One student gave him a bibelot and told him the group would pray for him. On day 2, he was looking much brighter and happier! The power of prayer and relationship should never be underestimated!

Michael Scheer