The Center for Liturgical Art


It Take a Village...

Here is a quick look at a few of the many people working on this project. Shown first is Managing Artist Mark Anschutz, the brains (and also the heart) behind our operation. Shown second is Jeff Voehl, a contractor we have worked with on several projects. Jeff along with Evan Balleweg (not pictured) will be driving the mosaic out to Indiana and handling the installation. Shown below is Austin Romine, one of the student workers at the Center for Liturgical Art. Also helping with this undertaking is Concordia University, Nebraska Professor Jen Bockelman, and students Alyssa Wilson, Briar McCoy, and Cenedra White.

We now have all of the pieces cut out and all the shapes textured. It's looking like we will be finishing right on time. I'm hoping to have pictures of the entire mosaic laid out very soon. Stay tuned!

Michael Scheer