The Center for Liturgical Art


Lightfall Installation Complete

This last Monday the Center for Liturgical Art hit the road with a trailer full of mosaic and a van full of ladders, scaffolds, and sundry other pieces of hardware. We arrived in Valparaiso, Indiana and after a three day installation had succeeded in installing the largest piece of art in the history of the Center for LIturgical Art. The Center would like to extend a very special thanks to all of the following people: Jeff Voehl, Phil Perschbacher, Jen Bockelman, Bill Wolfram, the people at Valparaiso; Fred Plant, Barb Lieske, the Duesenberg Family, et al; Tim Moravek and his crew at Awards Unlimited; student workers Austin Romine, Alyssa Wilson, Cenedra White, Jenelle Hallaert, Evan Balleweg, and everyone else who played a role in the completion of this project. And thanks and congratulations to Mark Anschutz for all his vision and drive throughout this entire project. 

Michael Scheer