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National Convention Font and Banner Complete

This last week marked the passing of the LCMS National Convention. With that, all work on the font and banner have been completed. Don Robson had these comments on his font's design:

"I used the entrance hymn (All Christians Who Have Been Baptized) of the convention’s opening worship service as inspiration for the design. The first stanza is an invitation to consider the works of God (the gifts He gives through our Baptism into Christ) and by the fifth stanza we are told to firmly hold this gift (He blesses and revives our lives beyond imagination with this sacred New Birth).  

Water will collect in an octagonal basin filled with red (warm colored) Bibelots which attendees will be able to take with them. The Bibelots will serve as a tangible element reminding them of the gift of the Holy Spirit received at their baptism. 

The font was fabricated out of bronze. Specific areas received a dark patina to create a contrast within the surface. One of these areas will be a smaller octagonal shape stamped into the bottom of the top basin. The octagonal shapes represent the empty tomb."

Michael Scheer