The Center for Liturgical Art


Awesome Presence

Life and light are gifts from God the Father and given to us eternally through Jesus Christ, our Savior.   The message of "Awesome Presence" from Psalms 90: 1-10 is that life springs from Christ¹s death and resurrection.  As you leave this space my prayer is that the Holy Spirit ignites flames in each of our lives, equipping us to cling to the mystery of the cross as we discover God¹s desire for our lives as we spread that light and set the world on fire.

There are a couple progress photos of the grouting done by Mark, Evan, and Austin.  Then a mock up of the piece put together after the grouting on our studio table.

We are now just waiting for our installation date.  The installation date is scheduled to be the 9th of September and we our looking forward to the many opportunities the trip to Southern California will provide.

Michael Scheer