The Center for Liturgical Art


Seasonal Church Banners

The significance of banners can be traced to multiple places in scripture, in Numbers 1 and 2 the children of Israel are instructed by the Lord to identify themselves with banners. In Isaiah, they are used to signify the faithful that something significant is about to happen. In Numbers and in Deuteronomy fabric is used by the faithful to remind them who and whose they are. 

Recently we have completed two sets of Liturgical Banners for a church in Arlington, Virginia. There are many ways to deviate from the all too common felt-and-glue method of making liturgically significant banners.

These Pentecostal Banners were designed in a way that included many layers of flowing material that allows for movement. The finished product brings to mind both wind and flame, symbols of the Holy Spirit as it moves in the presence of the congregation, grasping attention only to deflect it towards God.

The next set remained still, but still broke the mold in its design. Instead of using words to designate the season which it represents, a vibrant, organic design brings a strong organic presence to the interior of the Church. The glory of God that is found only in creation is present here even inside the Church.

Michael Scheer