The Center for Liturgical Art


New Show at Wolfram Gallery

The LCMS International Center in St Louis, permanant site of the Wolfram Gallery, is the new home of a collaborative art show featuring the works of Austin Romine and Evan Balleweg. The pieces consist of paintings and mixed media relief sculptures that utilize wood, clay, etching ink, gold leaf and natural found materials such as tree branches and a frog skeleton.

In Romine's pieces, small yet well presented squares create engaging compositions individually and collectively, inviting viewers to discover beauty through a more intimate level of observation. The sensitivity of the small areas are contrasted and enhanced by the boldness of entire groups of squares mounted on large white spaces. 

Balleweg's works, juxtaposed amongst the crisp white geometry of Romines, feature predominantly black boxes, each showcasing some kind of precious object. The pieces invite veiwers to evaluate what it is that makes that item special and how through that item the box themselves become special. It is an exploration of the significance of objects that harkens back to the ancient church's reliquary practices. The momento, mori, or rememberence of death and transendence are repeating themes, inspired in part by the writings of German theologian, Meister Eckhart. 

The show also feautres two collaborative pieces made by both artist's working in conjuction with one another. These showcase the style of each artist individually while creating a bridge in the visual langage of the show, allowing the pieces to integrate more seemlessly.

The show will be available for viewing until summer of 2015. Photo galleries can be viewed here

Michael Scheer