The Center for Liturgical Art


Traveling Glass

Recently, Rev. John Mehl, the Director of Mission Partnerships and Church Relations here at Concordia University, And a friend of the CLA requested a small example of our work to aid him in his ministry of developing partnerships with churches and districts while also promotingthe Center.

Visual arts are a universal language that can breach gaps in culture and Mehl sees the value of using art to unite the Church. We created a piece for him that directly reflects our Christian belief of a Trinitarian God so that it would be relatable to a broad spectrum of Christian believers.

The arch at the top is indicitive of many classic church structures in which you would normally see stained glass, and an implication of our ablitiy to work large scale. The more spiritual symbolism is centered on the Trinity. At the top there are leaves that represent creation, namely, God the Father and His role specifically as Creator. Next, blue represents the humanity of Christ, the cross is present and in the center an ichthus is implied. The circle in the very center can be taken to represent unity or even the world. Finally the Holy Spirit is represented in the traditional dove form surrounded in the red fire of Pentecost. The gold that runs through the center represents divinity and serves to unite the three idenities as well as the composition overall.  

The final product stands about 18 inches tall, a good size for travel and conference display. Hopefully this piece will be a service to God and the Church as it unites us to our christian brother's and sisters.

Michael Scheer