The Center for Liturgical Art


Beveled Window Shines

Recently completed was this beautiful residential window for a member of our Concordia Family. The window, comprised of clear and beveled glass, is over eight feet long. The eight different types of clear glass were cut and fit together with the bevels using lead H came. These pictures display this process. 

During construction of the window, certain connections had to be made with the soldering iron to ensure a tight fit and to prevent and shapes from shifting as the window was worked on farther down the pattern. Given the geometric nature of this design it would have been all too easy for any single piece to shift out of alignment with the others. Through meticulous checking and double checking this was prevented and the window was soldered front and back. 

After a thorough cleaning the window was then sealed with window cement, a compound that stiffens the window and prevents individual pieces of glass from shifting. Several days of cleaning later and the window was ready for install.  

Michael Scheer