The Center for Liturgical Art


{Extension, Construction, Deconstruction} a show

In addition to creating liturgical art, the Center for Liturgical Art also promotes the work of artists to utilize the influence of the visual arts for the betterment of the Church and the World today.

For the past six years, the Center for Liturgical Art has curated the Wolfram Gallery, a space reserved for showcasing artist and shows, in the LCMS International Center in St. Louis.

Artists for the show are typically chosen because their work has spiritual, ecclesiastical, or liturgical influence or themes. Each series of work are displayed for a six month period.

The current show houses the work of Columbia, MO based artist Cenedra White, who pursued a major in Eccelsiastical Art as well as Studio Art and has worked with the Center for Liturgical for several years.

"Extension, Construction, Deconstruction" is the title of her work and her statements about her art can remind us of the intricacies of the Body of Believers; 

"Lines and shapes are placed in a precise manner to construct a composition that is much more involved and complex than the shapes by which it is built. Thus, each line and shape of the structure is dependent upon and built by the neighboring shapes. Due to the puzzle-like quality of these constructions, without a certain line or shape, the whole construction will fall apart" 

Showing work is invaluable to artists as it serves many functions; to prepare a show provides a challenge of creating and assembling a unified body of work that all point toward the same conclusion. It also provides the artist with a platform for expressing themselves as well as an opportunity for increased visibility.   

Showing art is one means by which it serves its purpose, to have the art present and available to viewers gives it the opportunity to inturrupt the mundane, to intrude upon routine and give individuals the opportunity to pause, to consider, and be enriched.

This show will be available for viewing now through mid-January. 

Michael Scheer