The Center for Liturgical Art


Eagle's Wings

Every new project presents new challenges. This time the challenge was to create an altar for a local high school that would be able to be broken down, stored, and reassembled on a daily basis so that their chapel space would be available for other events. 

A lightweight, cross-section base that is locked down by a fitted top served as an excellent solution.

On a cosmetic level, sandblasted letters revealed too much grain and made the text difficult to read against the darkly stained trim. 

Filling the letters in with gold not only balanced the value and made the letters easy to read, but also tied altar itself in nicely to the gold-leafed altar cross.

Happy accidents brought about a more unified whole in the end, reminding us that things don't always go as we plan; but that in a universe that tends towards chaos, we have a God that works all things for our good, whether we chose them for ourselves or not. 

Michael Scheer