The Center for Liturgical Art


Flooded with Light, Bursting with Color

Flooded with new light and bursting with color, Weller chapel here on Concordia's campus has been reopened. After months of renovations, it is finally ready to host the daily chapel service for Concordia's students and staff.

Here at the Center for Liturgical Art, we worked tirelessly all summer to design, assemble, and finally install the stained glass windows that now fill the three new window spaces. 

True to Concordia's promise to provide a liberal arts education to all of her students, the designs for the windows reflect not only her deeply rooted faith system, value for the arts, but also her devotion to the sciences.

Another "Tree of Life" themed window expresses Concordia's deeply rooted faith system. Overlapping the shadow of a real tree just outside the window, this branch is bursting with fruit of twelve different colors that represent the twelve tribes of Israel. 

The structure of the stars is strewn through the sparkling gems of the south window, you can make out a few of the constellations as they spiral upward into the spin of a far-off galaxy.

The new stage front ties together with the various pieces the Center has designed to fill the Weller space over the years; such as the altar, ambo, and the "Abundant Joy" window in the east wall.  

Michael Scheer