The Center for Liturgical Art


Fresh Faces

Rough sketches are the first step to designing what shall grow into glistening mosaics. Each mosaic is designed specifically to fit a panel that works as an interchangeable altar-face insert for the seasons of the church year.  Every Liturgical Season is given a symbol or figure to capture the essence of that season, it will then be translated from a pencil sketch into hundreds of tiny glass tiles.

This slide shows the development of design once it has been rendered on the computer and then finally as its brought back to materials and the tiles are laid alongside sections of painted modeling paste.

Each panel is comprised of a variety of materials that help better express its symbol. 

Using acrylic paint and modeling paste allows us to enhance the amount of detail each panel contains, here it increases the drama of the splashing waves. The ship is a symbol for the Church, holding fast to its course in turbulent times.

Actual wood depicts the wood of the cross against the purple of the Lenten season and surrounded by a golden crown of thorns, reminding us of the Glory of Christ's passion. 

The addition of gold leaf on another panel boldly proclaims the Glory of Christ the King and its notable even from a distance.

When the panels are complete they can be slid smoothly in and out of the front of the altar and changed with the turn of each season.

Michael Scheer