The Center for Liturgical Art


Launching Fellowship in three... two... one...

A solid milestone has been placed at the beginning of Summer 2016 marking the commencement of our Fellowship program for sponsoring liturgical artists. 

Designed as a sort of launching pad for artists, the Fellowship is organized in such a way that an artist is taken under wing by the CLA and given opportunities to use their talents to give back to the Church.

During the span of 16 weeks our fellow will have the opportunity and resources to complete one project involving the Church or Community, as well as assist the Center on a variety of projects at the same time, gaining invaluable experience. 

Fresh from graduation from our own Concordia University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and looking for an opportunity to begin his career as a full-time artist, Austin Romine was an ideal candidate for our Fellowship program.

As well as assisting the CLA with a variety of projects, Austin devoted himself to a community-based project where he collaborated with children from St. John's Child Development Center to create two new paintings to christen their new building.

This slideshow shows the progression of the paintings from colorful swatches created by the children and orchestrated by Austin, into their transformation in his studio, and finally hanging high in the hallways of the new CDC building where they can be seen by the children from their classrooms.

If you know of an artist who is interested in working with the Church or would benefit from our Fellowship program, follow this link to our website for more information and nominate them ( ) or contact our Managing Artist at for more information. 

Michael Scheer