The Center for Liturgical Art


Weller Lights

January of last year marks the beginning to the renovations to Weller Hall, the building whose eminent spires loom above the campus of Concordia University and inspired the form of the cross for their logo.

One of the first steps of transforming the space was the installation of a series of lights we designed to both illuminate and enhance the entrance to Weller Chapel where the students gather for prayer on a daily basis. 

The first of the three lights is made from bronze and was designed specifically to shine down on the Baptismal font we made for the chapel several years ago.

Working with a contractor allowed us to translate our designs into sheet bronze, which was then machine-cut and mounted on a skeletal structure to ensure stability for the form.

The final product was illuminated from behind, fluidly combining two Ecclesiastical elements, Light and Water. The light shines on the water to illuminate the reminder of our Baptism and Spiritual Adoption into the family of God. 

Our second bronze light was composed of the fragments or cut-offs from our original sheet of bronze. The pieces work together to form the perfect segue into the next portion of the chapel. 

Michael Scheer