The Center for Liturgical Art


Weller Lights, pt. 2

The second portion of our work with Weller Hall was to transform the space between the two sets of fire doors at the entrance to the Chapel. The space is small and tends to seem crowded so our solution was to open the space up by creating a cut out in the ceiling. 

By working into the ceiling we weren't adding anything to the space, which would make it feel even more claustrophobic. 

Using hand-cut fused glass with frit between each layer we were able to create a series of shapes that had minimal, unobtrusive texture that imitate the style and pattern of the well-known Weller stained glass window, Abundant Joy, which we designed, fabricated and installed in 2011.

Each piece of glass was carefully drilled and suspended with a high-grade wire that has a very modest presence that belies how incredibly strong it is.

Illumination provided by carefully hidden inset LED strips casts light onto the ceiling and softly bounces back through the colored glass to softly illuminate the space, almost like a skylight.

From the outside looking in you can see at once the connection between Abundant Joy and this new piece, an effect that unifies and extends the space of the chapel. 

Michael Scheer