The Center for Liturgical Art


Generous Spirits Live On

Generosity goes a long way here at the Center for Liturgical Art.  After the passing of Dr. Glenn C. Einspahr, long-time Professor of Education at Concordia University, several generous donations were made in his memory to the CLA.

We are honored to keep Dr. Einspahr's spirit of creativity and active involvement alive here at the Center as well as commemorate his friendship with Reinhold Marxhausen, it is to creative and passionate men such as these that the CLA can attribute its existence.

The purchasing a much-needed oscillating spindle sander with the donations was an appropriate way to keep Glenn's tireless work-ethic alive as we use the sander to create an endless amount of projects for church congregations all over America.  

A specialty sander such as this one allows us to complete projects to a higher level of perfection; the cylindrical sandpaper spins as it rotates which allows us to work the inside curve of the many beautiful shapes we create and bring an artist's vision into reality. 

Memorial gifts, or gifts of celebration or thanksgiving, are ways more people can learn about and get involved in supporting the mission of the Center for Liturgical Art and contributing to spreading the Gospel throughout the world through fine art.

Michael Scheer