The Center for Liturgical Art


And We Are Settled

As of last week, the Center is officially moved out of the Jesse basement and fully moved into our new space, the Harvey and Carol Lange Studio. Coming in from the front, visitors are initially greeted with the iconic front door taken from the Marxhausen home, restored for use on the Center's new building – a nice tribute to the house that used to live on this street corner.

Once visitors enter through the front, they walk into the lobby area in which they can see images on the walls of previous work done by the CLA. The lobby also includes other tributes to Marxhausen, as the plant stands are repurposed from the pillars of front porch of his house and the burnt wood mosaic on the wall taken from inside the home now displayed on the south wall.

This open lobby then leads into the studio space for the Center. The studio is currently divided into two areas: the glass workshop and the wood shop. This large open space is surrounded by windows allowing an abundance of natural light, creating an ideal working environment.

Finally, the backyard has been transformed with all new landscaping, while still preserving some of the iconic features of the original backyard such as the tree stump path and the metal art piece hanging from the tree.

Michael Scheer