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Regarding the Cross

"The Cross of Christ, the essence of reality, complements history, biblical doctrine, and faithful living. All Christian theology, from creation to the resurrection and beyond, originates from the Cross. Hence, it is essential that some form of the cross be the visual focal point of worship space. Indeed, the Cross should be the initial statement of the worship building’s architectural and liturgical design." - William Wolfram

In addition to creating liturgical art, the CLA also promotes the work of artists to utilize the influence of the visual arts for the betterment of the Church and the World today.

This past week saw the opening of a new show featuring the work of Professor Emeritus Bill Wolfram in his namesake gallery; the Wolfram Gallery in St. Louis, Missouri.

William Wolfram's life work has been to dedicate the majority of his artistic practice toward revealing the presence of the cross of Christ in even its most subtle forms. 

Using digital programs Wolfram is able to combine and intricately interweave photographs he has taken himself of everyday objects into the form of the cross to reveal their true orientation, as in many places in the bible we hear that nature proclaims the Glory of God.

"These crosses from photographs were not made from jewels or polished metals. They are of everyday objects with diverse textures, forms and complexities. The artist’s intent is to reflect the glory of the crucifixion with manipulated images of industrial machines, worn surfaces, discarded materials, old jackets, and other familiar, tangible forms. A listless glance at the Cross does not offer a pretty image. It looks unsightly to the casual eye." - William Wolfram

"However, a closer look at the crucifixion of Jesus displays a glorious revelation — our God’s love and saving power fulfilling a plan of redeeming the world by sacrificing Himself in our place. We are innocent because He assumed our guilt. This odious Cross has become the beautified celebration of the Christian church." - William Wolfram

William Wolfram has served as a consultant for the CLA for many years, he has guided numerous projects to completion as well as contributed his expertise as an artist by executing a number of projects both here at the CLA as well as for Concordia University and many Nebraskan churches. His crosses, as well as murals, can be seen in many of Concordia's buildings. 

For the past 8 years, the Center for Liturgical Art has curated the Wolfram Gallery, a space reserved for showcasing artist and shows, in the LC-MS International Center in St. Louis. Artists are typically chosen because their work has spiritual, ecclesiastical, or liturgical influence or themes. Each series of work are displayed for a six month period.

More of Wolfram's work can be viewed at his website

As well as in his published book "Regarding the Cross" a visually guided book of meditations on the cross that can be purchased here at The Center for Liturgical Art.

Michael Scheer