The Center for Liturgical Art


Just Working Away

The new year has been off to a busy start. We are grateful that our new facilities make it much easier to be working on various different projects simultaneously. We would like to highlight three of the major projects that have been holding our attention.

1. Cross for St. John Lutheran Church, Plymouth, Wisconsin 

This cross is made in a way to emulate the workings of Reinhold Marxhausen including mosaic tile and burnt wood with the addition of gold leaf. 

2. Mosaic Mural for Messiah

This mosaic mural that we are working on will eventually be installed at Messiah Lutheran Church in Lincoln, Nebraska. This process includes the addition of several layers using paint and modeling paste. These layers are eventually sanded down to reveal a unique texture.

During this project, we have even been able to open the opportunity to connect the CLA with Concordia students who also attend Messiah. These students have been helpful to lend a hand, as some worked to add a layer on some of the pieces of the mosaic. 

3. Windows for Wild Rose

We are currently working on constructing a series of seven windows that were designed by a former student worker, Laura Sattler. Each window portrays an interpretation of different important Biblical themes including creation, the crucifixion and the resurrection, the sacraments, the Good Shepherd, and Immanuel. Once finished, these windows will be displayed in Immanuel Lutheran Church in Wild Rose, Wisconsin.

Michael Scheer