The Center for Liturgical Art





The Bibelot Project

In a world of plastic, mass media and faux-everything we present to you an idea that is imbued with the hand of the maker, bibelot. Through the creation of simple, beautiful objects, bibelots, we will create an unassuming and quiet witness of God's grace. These small objects have been made and distributed across the country by artists, students, churches, and missionaries with only one rule attached - At the right time, and the right moment they must give this object away, to another, and tell their story of how they obtained it and its connection to their understanding of God the Creator.The piece then, will not exist as a monolithic form, rather it will be organic as it moves through time and spaces, creating stories as it grows.

Bibelots are a great witness tool for churches, youth groups, or other organizations to utilize.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to purchase some bibelots or if you need any further information.